K-Array speaker systems were born out of necessity.
The three founding partners of H P Sound had a background starting in 1990 in studio design and installation, specifically for Radio and Television.
Their first product was developed to solve a problem with the lavaliere microphones being used for Italian broadcast, they were unbalanced, so they would pick up hum from dimmers and power feeds.
The HP solution was a miniature microphone with the pre-amp in the cartridge. They continued with their product development, manufacturing various electronics solutions branded by other companies as well as developing their own line of MI based equipment.
By 2005 their sights had turned to live sound reinforcement.
Creative solutions were required once again.
The real problem with the usual approach to live sound was the cost of transporting and rigging speaker systems that were made of wood and airspace. The sheer volume and weight of the traditional transducer systems was expensive and hugely inefficient.
The advent of line array technologies in 1992 had provided some improved efficiencies for specific applications, but line array system's capabilities were determined by the number of speaker enclosures used, with a minimum inventory needed.
The narrow vertical pattern required to accomplish the line array's coherent coupling dictated that the cabinets could only be used in line array applications.
Even an entry level speaker system involved a large capital investment.
Systems were not scalable; different inventory was needed for different venues and different types of program.
The K-Array KH4 technologies were developed to overcome these problems.
KH4 has over 4000 watts of on-board power, and yet it weighs slightly more than 100 lbs, and measures 6" deep.
It has an operating frequency range of 60 Hz to 19KHz with a peak output capability of 145 dB from a single enclosure.
KH4 provides unprecedented power-to-size ratios and the unique capability of variable Vertical coverage from 70 to 370 . This means that one speaker system will satisfy many live sound requirements on its own. Output can be extended with the companion KS4 self-powered subs, or the same enclosure can be coupled as a line array system.
KH4 and KS4 systems can be flown or ground-stacked using the captured rigging hardware.
Powerful on-board DSP is managed through remote network control capability.
The fidelity is stellar.
The packaging is stylish and compact, quick to assemble and deploy, easy to transport, and delivers extremely high SPL with unprecedented quality for a wide variety of performance types and venue configurations.
K-Array has developed ultra-compact sound solutions technologies since 1990. They have concentrated their efforts and resources into the design and manufacture of highly efficient audio systems that produce unparalleled sonic accuracy.
K-Array has a complete range of products to suit any application from large-scale arenas to almost invisible systems for theatre, worship, corporate and on-camera presentations that demand speakers that are heard but not seen.