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Full range multi-purpose powered speaker  
Unique performance-to-size ratio
Symmetrical horizontal and vertical coverage
Angled cabinet for floor monitor use
Integrated 35mm pole adapters for different uses
Integrated DSP with multiple analog and digital inputs
On-board touch screen with matrix control
Configurable full range powered output
RS485 and USB connectivity for remote control

Colors available
Specific RAL code for a customized painted model
Stage monitor on live stages
Theatrical sound reinforcement
Concert halls, clubs, houses of worship
Portable and installed audio-visual systems
Cinema and special effects


The KF12MT and the KF12P are K-array’s newest multi-task additions to its portfolio of professional, high-quality loudspeakers in the Redline Series. The KF12MT is a 12” coaxial full range multi-purpose powered speaker and is the successor to the long serving KF12 model.
Compared to its predecessor, this portable speaker features exciting updates. The KF12MT’s integrated on-board touch screen with matrix control provides intuitive managing and editing of powerful DSP controlling. Additional functionalities include: a delay up to 400ms, parametric filters for room eq, 2 analog + 2 digital inputs in AES/EBU, routing options, USB and Serial connections for remote control and a full range powered output of 1000W on 8ohm. Having 2 analog or digital fully independent inputs on board can create real stereo systems using one powered and one passive KF12P speaker. Thanks to its multi-purpose function, it can satisfy many different venue requirements. It is ideally used as a stage monitor due to its wedge shape, as a stereo system with one active (KF12MT) and one passive (KF12P), or as a main PA system for small and medium size events and more.
Designed and manufactured in Italy, the KF12MT and the KF12P give uncompromising sound quality in a small footprint and are compatible with a variety of accessories. Housed in a black wood chassis and black steel grill, the KF12MT has a modern, sophisticated look. Customized colors are available upon request.


KF12Wall  K-pole1  K-wire2