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Low profile variable coverage speaker  
Selectable horizontal coverage
Extended frequency response
Strong stainless steel chassis
Controlled horizontal dispersion
Colors available
Specific RAL code for a customized painted model
Arrayable wedge monitor
Ceiling and under-balcony speaker
Corporate installations


The KRM33 or “the cheese box” as it has been affectionately nicknamed, is an ultra-compact and low-profile powered wedge speaker with a controlled horizontal pattern and has an extended frequency response. It is made up of three 3.15” cone drivers and one 6” passive radiator. This combination guarantees a controlled and linear emission on a really wide range, with a bass enhancement mode that can go from 70Hz to 18KHz. The KRM33 is equipped with a two channel amplifier and a DSP that can be used to adjust the EQ directly inside the box. An USB direct connection guarantees an easy plug & play connection. The DSP also offers the possibility of changing the horizontal pattern of the single speaker and its bass response, two buttons located at the back of the box are used to quickly change these settings without the need of a computer. The controlled horizontal dispersion gives the possibility of creating horizontal arrays which increase the SPL and the coverage while maintaining a high and constant signal-before-feedback within all the cluster’s beams. The stainless steel chassis is a sturdy and durable box solution which is also remarkably short in height. Thanks to this feature the KRM33 can be easily and discreetly integrated in scenography designs, broadcast studios as well as under-balcony speakers in theaters. All the components of the Redline KRM33 are designed by the K-array R&D department and made in Italy under the K-array quality control system.