KA24 84 Title
All in one KA amplifier and processing solution
KA24 / KA84
KA24 / KA84
KA24 / KA84

2000W or 8000W in just 2 rack units
4 analog IN and 2 AES-EBU IN to 4 fully configurable OUT
2 GPIO for external analog controls
Mic IN and 48V option on all IN for mixer application
Integrated DSP with processing, matrix and delays
On-board touch screen for easy access functions
K-array loudspeaker presets already on-board
RS485 and USB connectivity for remote control

Colors available
Theatrical sound reinforcement
Concert halls, clubs, house of worship
Exhibit audio for museum displays
Cinema and installed AV systems
Touring PA and Monitoring


The K-array KA line of power amplifiers are comprised from KA24 and KA84. The KA24 is a 4 channel per 500W on 4ohm and the KA84 is a 4 channel per 2000W on 4ohm. Each model has 4 fully independent and configurable channels. The integrated DSP offers EQ, Matrix, Levels, Delays and Limiter functions on every channel, to avoid the need of external additional processors. The front panel has an easy-to-use touchscreen that gives access to all the basic functions for quick setup and corrections. The KA24 and KA84 can be used as a mixer for fixed installations thanks to the microphone and Phantom power options available on every analog IN. 2 GPIO ports give easy external analog controls using K-array accessories. An on-board K-array speaker preset library gives an optimal and easy configuration for endless combinations. All DSP functions are remote controlled via the K-framework software over RS485 (3-pin XLR) or integrated USB connector. Both amplifiers are built into a 2U light weight aluminum chassis and come with a kit of removable rack adapters and four rubber pads for flat surfaces. KA amplifiers feature optical limiters, and protection against over temperature, over current and short circuits. All KA components are designed by the K-array R&D department and custom made under the K-array quality control system.


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