Anakonda-KAN 200 and 200+

K-array specializes in original and powerful pro audio solutions located in Florence, Italy. Our company began working in 1990 and its focus is on revolutionary design and efficient audio systems.

We offer a wide range of products for many occasions as events, touring, broadcast, and installed sound. In these cases, it is extremely important to be heard properly and we can provide this opportunity for you.

K-array's expertise

Our first ideas have been developed for radio and television. We began by using the lavaliere microphones in Italian broadcast. Even if they were not of the best quality at that time, the lavaliere microphones would still enhance the work of TV and radio. Our company has also developed a successful line of ultra-compact speaker solutions.

K-array's installed sound systems.

Among our company's products you can find concert, installed sound, portable systems, and amplifiers devices.

Installed sound systems from our company are widely used for institutional, commercial, and public places, too.

Please read our Case Study section to see how our equipment fits in all sorts of institutions.

Anakonda-KAN 200 and 200+

An impressive device is Anakonda-KAN 200 or 200+. This is a flexible array speaker that has managed to revolutionize the tech. It is an amazing piece of technology used when a traditional speaker box cannot be used. In case of a distributed sound application, you will not find a better choice than Anakonda-KAN 200 or 200+.

The most surprising thing about the system is that this device helps not just during a concert, but in the studio, cafes, restaurants, bistros, hotels, museums, stadiums, fashion shows, and many others.

To read further details about the system and its advantages please click here.

First case study with KAN 200

One of the first lucky ones to try out KAN 200 is "OSP Solutions". "OSP Solutions" launched its DirectLoansLenders.Com in a new American state and marked the premiere with a celebration. Partners and loyal customers have been invited to the party and the company wanted to offer the best evening to its guests. This included good sound, as well, so they trusted us when we suggested KAN 200. The launch of the company's website was a success, just like KAN 200's sound performances were to us.

If you are interested in finding more about KAN 200 or other equipment, please browse our website and see the reviews. For contact info and details about our location in the USA or Italy access this link.