Mastiff-KM112P - 12" passive 8 ohm stage monitor

Features and Information

Ultra-low distortion
Asymmetrical 100° by 30° horn
Strong stainless steel grill
Sturdy birch wood chassis


The smaller model of the Mastiff line, the passive Mastiff-KM112P, features a 12 coaxial woofer and produces a maximum SPL of 133 dB (peak).

With an incredibly strong stainless steel grill and sturdy birch wood chassis, these monitors are built to withstand any onstage abuse that may incur from performers.

The Mastiff-KM112P monitor features an asymmetrical 100° by 30° horn granting performers the possibility to select a wide or narrow sound emission.

front horn

The passive Mastiff-KM112P can be driven by the self-powered Mastiff-KM112 for monitoring and drum fill solutions.


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