The speaker shall be a 12” coaxial, full-range powered speaker featuring an integrated onboard touch screen with matrix control to provide intuitive managing and editing of powerful DSP control. It shall also include a delay of up to 400 ms, parametric filters for room eq., 2 analog + 2 digital inputs in AES/EBU, routing options USB and Serial connections for remote control and a full range powered output of 1000 W at 8 . The wedge form of the speaker shall make it ideal for stage monitoring purposes while the two full independent digital and analog inputs can create a true stereo system if used along with a passive KF12P. The speaker shall also have the capability to be used as a main PA for smaller events. The power handling capacity shall be 800 + 200 W. The frequency range shall be 55 to 19 kHz with a maximum sound pressure of 133 dB (peak). The dimensions (WxHxD) shall not exceed 39 x 52.2 x 36.5 cm (15.37” x 20.55” x 14.38”) and shall weigh no more than 19.6 kg (43.21 lbs). The loudspeaker shall be the KF12MT by K-array.