The passive speaker shall consist of four 0.5” long-excursion, full-range cone drivers with a Neodymium magnet assembled in a remarkably slim line array. Its ultra-strong aluminium metal frame shall be all-weather resistant, suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. The speaker shall have an impedance of 16Ω and deliver clear audio with an impressive output of 92dB continuous. The loudspeaker shall have a nominal horizontal dispersion angle of 140° and a vertical angle of 20° in order to avoid unpleasant acoustic reflections from both the ceiling and the floor. The frequency response (+/- 6dB) measured on axis shall be 250 Hz to 18 kHz with a maximum sound pressure of 98 dB (peak). The speaker shall be as discreet as possible and shall be easily integrated in every kind of environment and/or surface. The dimensions (WxHxD) shall not exceed 2.1 x 10 x 1.2 cm (0.83” x 3.94” x 0.47”) and shall weigh no more than 46 g (0.1 lb). The loudspeaker shall be the KZ12 or KZ12W (in white) by K-array.