The powered subwoofer shall be a 12” speaker with programmable onboard DSP and multiple analog and digital outputs. This high-performance bass element shall contain a Class D amplifier delivering 2 x 1000 W at 8 and boast one of the best performance-to-size ratios in the market with an SPL of 128 dB in continuous. The subwoofer shall feature a 12” long-excursion, direct radiating driver with a neodymium magnet woofer with a 3” voice coil. The DSP shall be controlled by an integrated touch screen that manages input/output levels, signal routing, offset delays and Speakon output and overall system delays of up to 330 ms. and shall include up to 40 presets. The subwoofer shall be designed with a unique four-corner port configuration that strengthens the cabinet structure, allows for back loading of connecting speakers and extended bass response with very low distortion. The cabinet of the subwoofer shall feature pocket handles and an M20 thread mount position for attaching mid-high speakers. The connectors shall be two NL4 Speakon sockets hidden behind the subwoofer’s chassis. The power handling capacity shall be 700 W. The frequency response (+/- 3dB) measured on axis shall be 40Hz to 150Hz with a maximum sound pressure of 134 dB (peak). The dimensions (WxHxD) shall not exceed 32.5 x 32.7 x 43.5 cm (12.9” x 13.19” x 17.13”) and shall weigh no more than 15.2 kg (34.4 lbs). The loudspeaker shall be the KMT12 Mark 1 by K-array.