KH8 – Touring system with digital steering & Slim Array Technology


KH8 firenze white
Digitally steerable touring system with slim array technology  




Top-of-the-line performance
Quick setup and cost sensitive
Auto configuration
Slim Array Technology (S.A.T.)
Digital acoustic steering
Weather resistant
Large scale events
Touring sound reinforcement
Stadiums, arenas, concert halls, theatres
Installations in low-load capacity situations


The next generation of touring line array speakers, with Slim Array Technology (S.A.T.), fully controlled by 8 onboard DSPs for maximum operational flexibility.

KH8 Dim1



Thin and lightweight, Slim Array Technology is our trademark.
Exceptionally quick to set up

KH8 Rear

Digitally optimised coverage for a smoother, powerful sound


"The array has an incredibly true 120 degree dispersion pattern with little to no diminishment in the highs or midrange frequencies. It also throws very far. I don’t know how far exactly, but it hit the back of our venue with barely any colouring at all.”

Blake Smith, Bootsy Collins FOH Engineer at the Shanghai JZ Festival 2014  

Transform your setup

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Digital steering

Acoustic steering is a technique that allows you to steer a speaker’s sound beam through the interaction of several loudspeakers.

The full potential of this technique can truly be maximized only when there is a system that allows you to precisely and independently control each element of the array. A powerful calculated software that can optimize all the parameters in order to obtain the desired acoustic result is required.

The KH8 system has this capability. Each KH8 unit has 8 on-board DSP channels in order to drive all its section independently. Each of the 8 channels is designed to load FIR filters to achieve the best and the most accurate steering results.



S.A.T. Technology

Theoretically the line array should be rectilinear to ensure an optimal relationship between sound sources. However, in many cases, to adequately cover the entire listening area the array needs to be curved in a "J" or "banana" which allows you to control the angle of each speaker in relation to the other. The “J” configuration is currently the most widespread and has the highest performance but it also has clear limitations in terms of practicality.

The KH8 system solves all these problems thanks to a completely new approach: the cluster of speakers are flown vertically, but each unit has the ability to be tilted totally independent. The result is to obtain a wave front that has the desired curvature from a perfectly vertical cluster. A system of 24 KH8 units can be flown in just 10 minutes. This is possible because it is not necessary to dismount the entire cluster: the speakers are anchored in groups of three within rigid frames that can be connected quickly to create longer clusters (up to 24 units). Each frame is placed on a standard dolly for practical transportation optimization.

The three speakers inside each frame remain cabled, and are ready by simply connecting only two cables from each frame to the next with standard connections and LK25 Socapex. Compared to traditional systems that require wiring and require a mechanical connection of each speaker, the KH8 saves time. The portability and ease of assembly are just some of the advantages of configuring a "straight array”.

For example, suppose you want to change the inclination angle of a speaker when the cluster has already been hoisted: with the KH8 it is not necessary to pull the cluster down, it is sufficient for someone to change the tilt of the speaker, an operation that requires no more than a few minutes. In addition, the "straight array" minimizes the cluster’s volume and allows maximum freedom on where they are hoisted.

Auto Config

Design your configuration offsite and just sync the system when it’s up and on.

venue Splay

Preparing Venue and KH8 System

Auto Splay

fir conf armonia

FIR Computing

Transfer to Armonìa and load project to the speakers

Quick Setup

The state of the art rigging system allows you to pre-cable stacks of 3 units to fly a straight 12-unit cluster in less than 5 minutes.


1 2 3

Step 1

Hook the motor chain

Step 2

Connect the Power (Socapex) & Signal/Data (LK25)

Step 3

Set-up speaker angles.

4 5 6

Step 4

Move up the first frame.

Step 5

Connect Hardware, Signal/Data and Power cables to the next frame

Step 6

The system is ready to go up!


Support & Download

Download the manual and supporting tools for the product

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