KS8 – Line array subwoofer system for touring sound reinforcement

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Straight line array subwoofer element  

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Top-of-the-line performance
Quick setup and cost sensitive
Auto configuration
Digital acoustic steering
Weather resistant
IPAL® technology

Large scale events
Touring sound reinforcement
Stadiums, arenas, concert halls, theatres
Installations in low-load capacity situations



The IPAL® technology allows to correct the intrinsic uncertainties of the acoustical system in real time for state of the art performances. System linearity is guaranteed by a feedback correction based on a differential pressure control method.



Exceptionally quick to set up. Digitally optimised coverage for a smoother, powerful sound




Each unit is equipped with a powerful DSP to meet any demanding setup requirement. The dedicated software eliminates the need for additional external processors to control the system’s tuning and monitoring.


Transform your setup

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