Thunder KMT21P – Subwoofer system | 21" long excursion driver

Features and Information

High power 130 dB continuous - 136 dB peak
Direct radiating, 21-inch long excursion driver
Fitted with integral handles and castors
Ultra-fast setup and dismantling system


Thunder-KMT21P is a high performance subwoofer designed for use with large wavefront systems, in both touring and install applications.

KMT21 SideKMT21 Side

It features a1800  watt 21" drive unit with magnet structure and suspension engineered for maximum linear excursion.

KMT21P BackKMT21P Back

Thunder-KMT21P is a subwoofer designed to be powered by Thunder-KMT21 speakon outputs and to be easily integrated with Python-KP102 mid-high speakers.


Customer Applications

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Broadcast & Studios




Fashion shows | Event productions


Fitness & Wellness


Large congregations




Stadiums | Sport venues


Theaters | Concert halls


Theme parks


Touring | Concerts | Festivals | Live events


Thunder-KMT21P in Action

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