Turtle KRM33P - Low profile array speaker with horizontal coverage

Features and Information

Selectable horizontal coverage
Extended frequency response
Strong stainless steel chassis
Controlled horizontal dispersion
IP54 for outdoor installations


The KRM33P, or the "cheese box”, is an ultra compact and low profile powered wedge speaker with a controlled horizontal pattern and has an extended frequency response.

KRM33 Rear 2KRM33 Rear 2

The controlled horizontal dispersion gives the possibility of creating horizontal arrays which increase the SPL and the coverage.

KRM33 VetrinaKRM33 Vetrina
The stainless steel chassis is a sturdy and durable box solution which is also remarkably short in height.


Customer Applications

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Broadcast & Studios


Cafés | Bistros | Restaurants




Corporate/Education auditoriums | Government facilities




Houses of worship


Large congregations




Theatres | Concert halls


Theme Parks


KRM33 in Action

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