Tornado KT2/C – 2" audio speaker | Efficiency in a compact design

Features and Information

Single 2” long excursion, full-range driver
Wide range frequency response
Integrated 4-pin Phoenix connector
Double voice coil driver for variable impedance 8-32 Ohm
Ultra-strong, compact aluminium chassis
Weather resistant IP54



High technology Tornado system includes audio speakers having a proprietary 2” high-efficiency drive unit with a neodymium magnet structure and a suspension engineered for maximum linear excursion and minimum residual transducer interference.



 Ultra strong, compact and high quality aluminium chassis for any design


The KT2 Tornado comes with a wall bracket for hard surface mounts 

for fixed installations while the KT2C model is useful for ceiling mounts.KT2 VetrinaKT2 Vetrina


Customer Applications

The various ways this product have been implemented by people who chose it

Broadcast & Studios


Cafés | Bistros | Restaurants


Corporate/Education auditoriums | Government facilities








Stadiums | Sport venues


Theme parks


Transport facilities


Theaters | Concert halls


KT2 - KT2C in Action

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