Vyper KV52 - Flat line array element | Passive speaker system


Features and Information

Unique performance-to-size ratio
Multiple 1” long excursion, full-range cone drivers
Wide horizontal coverage
Selectable 16 Ohm or 64 Ohm impedance
Weather resistant, suitable for outdoor installations- IP54


The Vyper-KV52 is an ultra-flat passive speaker system comprised of eight 1" neodymium magnet transducers housed in an elegant yet sturdy aluminum chassis.

Vyper KV52 line array element

The eight closely-spaced cone drivers provide true line array characteristics: phase coherence, low distortion and focused listening in both the near field and at a distance from the speaker.

KV52 line array flat

For easier use and integration with other speakers or amplifiers, the Vyper-KV52 allows the user to select two different values of impedance ( 16 ohm – 64 ohm). At 64 ohm as many as 16 Vypers can be powered off a single amplifier channel at 4 which eliminates the need of 70 V amplifiers for wider distributed installed systems.

Colors & Finishes

The appropriate attire for every occasion

Electr Prot

Electr Prot


Paint the sound!

Black and white are the standard colors of K-array pro audio speakers and subwoofers but you are able to customize them by selecting one of the colors in the RAL palette.

This is the perfect way to match products with the architecture and design of your venue, or just to fully express your unique personality and attitude. The extensive RAL chart gives you the possibility to find the color that best fits your preferences - a specific shade for your system to make them unique or ultra-bright.

Your color choice not only affects the aesthetic appearance: colors can also affect and represent an array of moods, emotions, perceptions and sensations. So appeal to your customers’ senses and make it original!


Sparkles all around!

Any of our elegant finishes developed from unique treatments will provide a distinctiveness and allure to accommodate even the most demanding tastes.

Premium brushed or polished stainless steel finishes are available to give speakers and subwoofers the chameleon-like ability to reflect their surroundings and blend in with the background.

Conversely, a gold audio solution will radiate throughout the venue like your very own star. The 24 kt gold plated stainless steel finish is a combination of technical expertise, quality design and high-caliber aesthetics guaranteed to make everything around it shine.


Customer Applications

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Broadcast & Studios


Cafés | Bistros | Restaurants


Fashion shows | Event productions




Large congregations






Theme parks


Touring | Concerts | Festival | Live events


Transport facilities


Vyper-KV52 in Action

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