Fundamental Acoustical Considerations 
using Discreet Speakers

Audio profoundly impacts our daily lives, however sound is often the last element considered because of designers' concerns to employ large speaker boxes. However, discreet audio solutions can address this issue without compromising the sound quality.

A True Sound Experience

This webinar will expel the misconception that loudspeakers have to have a large visual impact on the overall look of the project design by demonstrating there are speakers that guarantee uniform coverage and maximum intelligibility while remaining almost invisible. We will discuss how to choose and ideally position these speakers to obtain the best results with the least possible number of sound sources.

You will discover:




Discreet audio solutions allow provide designers with quality audio that does not compromise the overall project design.

Customizing loudspeaker using premium finishes helps to render the audio component as a design element that enhances the project's aesthetics.

Loudspeaker height and distance is imperative in providing proper audio coverage.

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