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Composed of 16 x 6 mm electret condenser cardioid capsules in a line array configuration, the Capture-KMC50 has been designed for voice and instrument amplification and for capturing environmental sound with the precision of a perfect directive microphone.

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Higher directivity and longer throw are achieved by linking up to 4 Capture-KMC50 units to create an impressive continuous array that allows users to explore new microphone techniques and applications.

Designed for the highest linearity and natural sound, the 16 x 6 mm electret condenser cardioid capsules pick up any sound field nuance with accuracy and detail.

The microphone eases the sound engineer’s job thanks to the possibility of adjusting the length and the orientation of the microphone array to perfectly pick up a specific section of the chorus or even the entire ensemble.

The microphone’s characteristic pickup pattern offers the speaker high freedom of movement thanks to the depths of its capturing capabilities in the distance even in noisy conditions.

With the greatest sensitivity in front and an unparalleled long throw, the Capture-KMC50 is perfect for field recording.

Featuring Pure Array Technology, the Capture shows a minimal variation of gain with distance allowing freedom of movement towards or away from the microphone without affecting the volume or audio quality.

Dedicated accessories like connecting hardware allows the user to join multiple units and create long line arrays while a preamplifier is available that to power up to 4 KMC50 units.

Designed as sleek as the line array microphone, an extendable carbon fiber stand is available along with brackets and adapters for easy setup.

The microphone’s impressively slender frame is milled from a solid brass bar using a lathe and a finite bit then is meticulously welded together and sandblasted with a galvanic ruthenium finish.

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Ever since K-array launched its first slim column speaker in 2007, the company has perfected its line arrays of closely spaced, full-range sound sources that leverage Pure Array Technology.

This same innovative line array technology is now applied to the Capture line array microphones – click on to learn more about the entire line.

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