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Join us in this educational presentation to learn how to design and implement a variety of subwoofer configurations, including electronic arcs and cardioid patterns.

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Techniques for Better Bass Coverage

The correct management of the energy radiated by subwoofers is crucial for the success of any event. This webinar will walk you through the concepts and the techniques for producing a better bass coverage. Electronic arcs and cardioid subwoofer configurations will be explained and simulated on the new 3D acoustical simulation software developed by K-array.

You will discover:

  • Subwoofer Configuration Theory and Applications

  • Subwoofer Acoustical Simulation

  • K-array Subwoofer Setup

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Subwoofer Configurations is hosted on different dates and times in three different languages. Click on the link and register for the course that best suits you!

Tuesday, June 23
• 10:00am CEST – English
• 4:30pm CEST – English

Thursday, June 25
• 10:00am CEST – Italian
• 4:00pm CEST – Spanish


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