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February 19, 2020

K-array Celebrates 15th and 30th Anniversaries


2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the foundation of HP Sound Equipment and 15 years after the establishment of its pro audio brand, K-array.

K-array was founded with the purpose of respecting an ethos that combines the values of contemporary design and innovation applied to the world of audio to offer wide range of unique audio solutions and to champion a true sound experience – a mission that continues today, 30 years later.

The Italian manufacturer got its start in 1990 in studio design and installation, specifically for radio and television, operating as parent company HP Sound. Its three founding partners – Massimo Ferrati, Alessandro Tatini and Carlo Tatini – sought out to develop their own line of MI-based equipment and by 2005, it turned its sights to live sound reinforcement and formed K-array. Practicing primarily as a rental company, K-array was driven to find an alternative to the traditional design of a PA system as the sheer volume and weight of these wooden boxes caused the cost of transport to be highly expensive and made the rigging hugely inefficient.

Unique Audio Solutions
After years of careful research and testing, K-array’s flagship Concert Series was introduced and helped establish it as a manufacturer of innovative pro audio solutions. Since then, K-array has maintained its reputation for revolutionary design by developing a next generation of touring systems as well as true line array elements for fixed installations and portable audio that are highly intelligible and extremely discreet.

Our K-family
And as the company’s portfolio grew, so did its family of dedicated designers, inventors and distributors. Now with over 60 employees located in Tuscany and a network of 40 distributors worldwide, the K-family is a global force of trusted agents who are passionate about conveying the importance of audio.

The K-experience
In 2018, K-array’s industrial headquarters underwent an expansion and renovation for a restructuring entirely of Italian flavor to harmonize with its deep-seated culture, to reinforce the brand identity of the company and to enhance the sense of community in San Piero a Sieve located in the hills surrounding Florence.

The two anniversaries will be celebrated throughout the year during various events for K-array and HP Sound Equipment clients, suppliers and staff.

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