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March 03, 2020

K-array appoints MixArt as Exclusive Distributor in Russia

Image-1L-R MixArt Sales Manager Alexander Soloviev, K-array EMEA Sales Director Leonardo D'Andrea, MixArt General Director Dmitry Modin

K-array is pleased to announce the appointment of MixArt as its exclusive distributor in Russia. Alessandro Tatini, President of K-array, and Dmitry Modin, General director of MixArt, signed a respective contract between the two companies at the Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam.

Under the terms of the contract effective from February 2020, MixArt was granted the exclusive right for distribution of all K-array products on the territory of Russian Federation. MixArt will also be responsible for marketing and promotion and will provide warranty and post-warranty repair and service.

“Mix Art has been our trusted partner for many years and we are really pleased with the work they have done to build the brand in Russia. Now that they will serve K-array in a more capacitated role, we look forward to even more success in the region and are excited for the new business they will bring,” says Alessandro Tatini, K-array co-founder and president.

“We have been successfully working with K-array for a long time, so exclusive distribution was a natural next step for our companies. During these years, K-array went a long way and became a trendsetter in audio technologies and product design. We are confident that K-array has a great future in Russia and are happy to be a part of it,” concludes Modin.

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