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May 19, 2020

K-array Partners to Create a Tailored Music Experience for Luxury Sector


K-ARRAY | Unique Audio Solutions and Tailor Music, a Florentine company specialized in sound design products and services for luxury hotels and starred restaurants, launches the TAILOR MUSIC LIMITED, an exclusive project dedicated to luxury homes and boats.

TAILOR MUSIC LIMITED provides exclusive and extremely personalized playlists to match the user’s temperament and occasion, along with acoustic treatment and audio dispersion providing a 100% Made in Tuscany solution.

The service and products are dovetailed to the luxury segment which is synonymous with quality and high perception of value, a value that is always extremely important for the environment and for the well-being of the people who live them. Therefore, the luxury sector finds an irreplaceable ally in Tailor Music Limited which create unique experiences that are shared in one's own homes and in the most private moments.

Tailor Music Limited staff includes professionals who know how to create the right mood for any type of situation – real DJs of the past who observe, listen, read and interpret the uniqueness of each event.

Tailor Music Limited solutions include the integration of K-array audio systems into existing home automation systems, otherwise new ones are designed and installed. Playlists are always available via Cloud Sync and can be managed remotely using a smartphone or dedicated remote control. Of course with Spotify, over 50 million songs are always readily available.

Much attention is given to training through a rich program of workshops, seminars and courses promoted by K-academy, the educational division of K-array, with the aim of spreading the culture of acoustic well-being to an ever wider audience.

Marco Solforetti, Co-founder and CEO of Tailor Music briefly recounts the mission of his company:
"In our history, we have focused on creating ambient sounds and music for the most demanding customers on the market: luxury and extra-luxury hotels, as well as the most renowned starred restaurants in major Italian cities and international capitals. In twenty years of experience, we have become a top player in the sector with some of the most prestigious realities in the world: Four Seasons Florence, the historic George V in Paris and the Hotel des Bergues in Geneva just to name a few. Each project starts from an analysis of the context and of the people who live it to create tailor-made musical experiences every time.”

Stefano Zaccaria, VP of Sales & Marketing of K-ARRAY, adds:
“Most designers, architects and interior designers invest time and resources in the design of the rooms, rarely dedicating themselves to acoustic treatment and audio diffusion. In fact, there is a tendency to underestimate the need for correct design for effective audio diffusion in the rooms, especially to the advantage of an architectural scene that you do not want to see ruined in terms of visual impact by just bulky, black and aesthetically unpleasant speakers. Together with Tailor Music we intend to face this challenge by proposing, together with unique playlists, our professional sound systems aesthetically discreet and customizable in Pantone colors and premium finishes in galvanic treatment, so as to offer customers an acoustic experience with the guarantee of high performance and fully customized. "

Daniele Mochi, Director of K-academy and Project Specialist at K-ARRAY, concludes:
“The programming of seminars, workshops and courses promoted by our K-academy has been enriched with new precious contents since we started the collaboration with Tailor Music. The modules dedicated to room acoustic treatment and audio diffusion techniques are now completed with an entire section dedicated to the choice of musical content to be reproduced within the various rooms. This is a fascinating and extremely current theme, as the sound we hear is able to influence us more than we think, therefore, a stay in a luxury hotel or in a starred restaurant can be seriously compromised by a music playlist that isn’t selected carefully.

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