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The Firenze-KS8 is a compact, self-powered, weather resistant subwoofer providing an exceptional peak output of 148 dB SPL. The KS8 features IPAL® technology, including a powerful amplifier module, a differential pressure sensor, a “zero latency” DSP and two 21” specifically designed high-efficiency transducers.

The Firenze-KS8 is also integrated in the simulation software EASE Focus to give endless possibilities of configurations like cardioid, virtual arc, and/or whatever the venue will require.

More information about the Firenze line


We created a portfolio complete with lightweight products that are easy to transportation and quick to setup optimizing logistics, space, labor costs and time.


Weather Resistant

We utilize the most durable and resistant materials when developing our products to protect and conserve the system regardless of the elements, rendering a K-array installation reliable and long-lasting.


Color Customizable

We have the ability to customize your project by color matching your system to any RAL code to help you to better integrate the speakers into a wide variety of venues.



IPAL® Technology

The IPAL® technology provides the ability to correct the intrinsic uncertainties of the acoustical system in real time for state-of-the-art performances.




  • Type Active subwoofer
  • Transducers 2x 21” Neodymium magnet woofer with 5.31” voice coil
  • Frequency Response (1) 25 Hz – 120 Hz (-6 dB)
  • Maximum SPL (2) 148 dB peak
  • Coverage Omni
  • Connectors Analog, AES3 and Remote control: Easy-grip metal locking LK25 connector (MIL C 5015 and VG95234 spec.)
  • Control Remote control with dedicated PC software via Ethernet

Digital signal processor

  • Built-in DSP Input gain, delay up to 2 s, Full parametric IIR filters (Peaking, Shelving, Hi/Lo pass, Hi/Lo Butterworth), Level and Temperature remote monitoring


  • Type Switching-mode, class D with IPAL® technology
  • Output power 8500 W @ 1 Ω
  • Power consumption 400 VA
  • Protections Over Temp. (Power Limiting – Thermal Shutdown), Short Circuit/Overload Output Protection, Excursion limiter, Current & Power limiter, Current clamp, Clip limiter, Brownout limiter.
  • Operating range 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz with PFC
  • Mains connector powerCON True

Handling and Finishes

  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 1420 x 600 x 775 mm (55.90 x 23.6 x 30.5 in)
  • Weight 148 kg (326.3 lb)
  • Material Wood
  • Color Black, Custom RAL


  • IP Rating Speaker Box: IP45 / Electronics: IP65
  • Notes for data:
    (1) With dedicated preset
    (2) Maximum SPL is calculated using a signal with crest factor 4 (12dB) measured at 1 m.

    New materials and design are introduced into existing products without previous notice. Present systems may differ in some respects from those presented in this catalogue.

Customers Applications

Firenze-KS8 can be successfully used in a range of different settings and events.

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