Capture-KC20 - Incredibly thin line array microphone

Features and Information

True line array characteristics with PAT technology
Wide horizontal cardioid polar pattern and narrow vertical polar pattern
Ruthenium-plated brass
Horizontal and vertical models


The Capture-KMC20 is the smallest line array microphone in the market featuring PAT technology composed of 8 x 4 mm cardioid capsules aligned in a line array configuration.


Given its line array characteristics, the Capture shows a minimal variation of gain with distance. As a result, the distance between the orator and the microphone is not crucial and he is able to move towards or away from the mic freely without strongly affecting the volume or audio quality.

DSC 3367

Polar response is wide on the plane perpendicular to the microphone, which is available a horizontal and vertical model, and narrow in the plane parallel.


And given its thickness of 6mm, these incredibly thin microphones are impressively discreet and made with durable premium materials like brass for use in a variety of applications in conference halls, boardrooms, houses of worship and TV studios.



Support & Download

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