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8" coaxial moving audio head with onboard camera monitoring

The Owl is one of K-array's most inventive product lines as it comprises one of the first self-powered audio moving heads with a coaxial 8” transducer and a built-in camera. When you observe the speaker's upright stance, a large, broad head, and binocular vision, it's no wonder why it is named after the nocturnal bird.

Bridging the gap between audio and visual in a revolutionary concept, the moving speaker allow users to accurately focus the directivity of sound creating a perfect solution for a range of applications including live, onstage monitoring, theme park installations, airports, train stations, DJ effects and theater installations. However, the flexibility of the Owl will offer an almost limitless number of solutions and in some cases reduce the amount of speakers required for one installation.

The Owl is part of the K-array concert series but it was designed to be a completely different solution for the most ambitious projects.

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