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Pinnacle 2022

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A professional, versatile, audio diffusion system capable of blending in but standing out with exceptional high performance and innovative even coverage built as one easy to use solution for multiple applications.

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“Fits Perfectly” Is An Understatement

This is an audio system shaped for performance, capable of adapting to any space and hiding from sight.



Leave your big systems at home. Pinnacle’s design isn’t simply our interpretation of what a pro audio system can be. But what it should be thanks to K-array’s unique “Pure Array Technology” (PAT), which is the maximum homogeneity of diffusion that can reach everyone in the room without compromising the sound quality for the listener from the front of the event all the way to the back.


A Serious Time Saver

Lightweight design for effortless mounting. For the technicians who need more time, the Pinnacle introduces a new self-centering system for incredible stability to mount up to 8 Pinnacle units with just 1 person in a few minutes.


Stunning To Look At. Pleasing To The Ear. And Chosen For Both Durability, And Invisibility

One of the most compact systems ever produced, with its elegant and discreet design. The bespoke stainless steel chassis with a unique aluminium grill are certainly distinctive elements that make K-array speakers not only stand out, they provide plenty of benefits for a greater performance.


Full Power, No Compromise

A pure balanced ambience created by Pinnacle’s intelligent internal configuration.


Stay In Complete Control

A perfect blend of technology to extend the possibilities. A new generation of audio intelligence (osKar) developed with a new sound processor with advanced components (IEB Integrated Electronic Brain) that allows you to manage the entire ecosystem through various control platforms and offers features directly on board the device, in order to simplify its use, and extend the possibilities.


Calm And Composed, Come Rain Or Shine

Built for heavy touring on the road. With a particular focus on audio technicians and rentals, the amplifier of the Pinnacle features a PowerCon True connector for powering the mains, allowing easier wiring extension and greater resistance to bad weather.