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Amazonia Live

Amazonia Live

Concerts and Live Events

  • The Amazonia Live is a social and environmental outreach stemming from the organizers of the Rock In Rio musical festival with the aim to raise awareness of the importance of the Amazon rainorest and to raise funds to recover vegetation.
  • For the opening event the organizers created a floating stage in the form of a leaf in the middle of Negro River where performances by the Amazonas Philharmonic Orchestra, the Amazonas Choir, Sepultura’s guitarist Andreas Kisser, vocalist Ivete Sangalo and tenor Placido Domingo took place.
  • K-array was chosen as the sound reinforcement to provide complete coverage for the 250 invitees and simultaneous live brodcast on TV.
  • Professional audio production and rental company, Gabisom used two Pinnacle-KR202 portable systems to achieve the perfect balance of power and inconspicuousness.

Audio Solution

Amazon 3

Since the show was made for television, the goal was to create a system that sounded great yet had no visual impact. The fact that the KR202 is a very light product was also a huge benefit since the main stage was set in the middle of the river and we were forced to transport all equipment by air and water.

Peter RacyGabisom Chief Sound Engineer
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Distributor: Gobos do brasil

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