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16th Asian Games Opening Ceremony

16th Asian Games Opening Ceremony

Stadium and Sport Venues

  • The 16th Asian Games were hosted in Guangzhou, China with a spectacular opening ceremony taking place along the Pearl River on Haixinsha Island using Canton Tower as a focal point, marking the first time in Asian Games history that the ceremony was not held in a traditional stadium setting.
  • In front of a capacity crowd of 37,000 spectators, the four-hour event featured about 6,000 performers, a boat parade of participating athletes and a massive fireworks display that was ignited by a giant flare to light the cauldron that houses the Asiad flame.
  • For the event, K-array supplied over 20 Pinnacle-KR202 portable systems which were dispersed throughout the stadium seating to provide a powerful long throw all the way to the last row of seat.
  • Additionally, 20 Kobra-KK52 were employed to provide frontfill for the VIP section.

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