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Eva Hof Lakeside Suites

Eva Hof Lakeside Suites

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  • The Eva Hof Lakeside Suites is a boutique hotel located directly on Zell am See Lake in Austria that has the characteristics of a private villa with all the amenities like a stellar in-house restaurant and spa.
  • This architectural gem has been "created and fitted with premium materials and design elements with the aspiration to satisfy all the requirements of discerning guests." Obviously, a good quality sound system with next-to-no visual impact was a must and the interior designers were stupefied by our discreet audio solutions.
  • For the bar 2 Vyper-KV52 flat loudspeakers were paired with a Rumble-KU210 for the low end.
  • In the restaurant 6 Vyper-KV52 speakers customized in white were paired with 4 low profile Rumble-KU44 subs.
  • For the lounge dedicated to smoker's, 2 Tornado-KT2 point sources in white were ceiling mounting and paired with a Rumble-KU44 sub.
  • The terrace was sufficiently covered with 2 full-range Domino-KF26 loudspeakers.
  • The fitness room had installed 2 Vyper-KV52 loudspeakers combined with a Rumble-KU44 sub.
  • The wellness area employed 4 Vyper-KV52s with 2 Rumble-KU44s.
  • And in every suite there were 4 Vyper-KV52 customized in white plus one incased Rumble-KU210 sub and an additional Vyper-KV52 and Rumble-KU26.
  • All systems were powered by 8 Kommander-KA14 and a Kommander-KA24 amplifiers
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