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Jikjisa Temple

Jikjisa Temple

Houses of Worship

  • Established 1,600 years ago in Kimcheon in the Kyungsangdo province of South Korea, Jikjisa is the largest temple in Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.
  • Within the temple, the Buddhist sanctuary required high quality sound produced by loudspeakers that harmoniously integrated with the temple design.
  • Korea distributor SoundUs has a close relationship with Byupdeung, the Buddhist monk who is responsible for the temple and, after checking the design of temple, they decided K-array was the most natural solution and won the project.
  • The maximum peak SPL of speaker had to be more than 130dB so the team designed a system consisting of 12 Python–KP52 line arrays paired with 6 Rumble-KU212 subwoofers all customized in brushed stainless steel finish. 4 Kommander-KA84 amplifiers drove the system.
  • The horizontal coverage of main speaker is 80-90˚ and the vertical coverage is adjustable. The main speakers are located at 6 points for the high definition.
  • This installation marked the first time the brushed finish was employed in Korea. It was decided to customize the finish to make it more suitable for the wooden temple, but at the time it gives the temple a more luxurious look.
  • After remodeling the interior design, Jikjisa held an opening ceremony where more than 100 people from 80 temples were in attendance. The temple, along with K-array, received high praise for its design and sound.
Jikjisa Temple 6
Jikjisa Temple 6
Jikjisa Temple 3
Jikjisa Temple 5
Jikjisa Temple 4
Distributor: Soundus

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