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Luigia Gourmet Pizzeria

Luigia Gourmet Pizzeria

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  • Housed in a refurbished vintage theater in the center of town, Luigia is a traditional wood-fire oven pizzeria in Lausanne.
  • The interior design commemorates Luigia's past life with high-glass ceilings that let in ample zenithal daylight, a fan shape typical of last century's elegant movie halls and an important movie sceen.
  • Designed by SA A Architects Carlo Carbone of Firenze and installed by Geneva-based contractors Hybrid Concept, the K-array sound system comprises a set of 4 Python-KP102 and 2 Rumble-KU210 subwoofer, complimented by 2 Python-KP52 for under balcony delay for the main dining area.
  • The upper level is covered by 2 Python-KP52 loudspeakers and a Rumble-KU210 subwoofer, while 4 Kobra-KK52 speakers with a Rumble-KU210 subwoofer takes care nicely of the entrance bar ambiance.
  • The entire system is powered by Kommander-KA84 & Kommander-KA24 amplifiers.
  • To provide children patrons with an authentic cinema experience, complete with thick red carpeting and pop corn trays along with a large white screen and a luminous Panasonic laser projector, is a pair Kobra-KK102 loudspeakers are installed with Rumble-KU210 subwoofer.
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