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Privately Owned Yacht

Privately Owned Yacht


  • Motor yacht Gatto is a fully custom, 105-ft yacht designed with accessibility and comfort using advanced technology and modern design with interior finishes crafted by luxury designers.
  • With 3 sun decks, an infinity pool, a custom bar, an outdoor lounge, and an indoor living room and dining room, the owner required a unique multi-room audio system for each of the different environments to provide a premier yachting experience.
  • Although the boat is well-insulated from vibration and noise, the mix of interior finishes and furnishings of glass, high-gloss veneers and wooden floors provided a challenge for achieving a crisp, clean sound.
  • Moreover, the loudspeakers were required to integrate seamlessly with the sleek design of the luxury yacht.
  • The complete system included 6 Anakonda-KAN200 line arrays connected to form two lines of 6 meters of continuous sound down the length of the boat.
  • Two Kobra-KK102 loudspeakers were installed on each side of the sun deck and paired with a Rumble-KU26 subwoofer for the low end frequencies, completely hidden from view.
  • Two Lyzard-KZ14 mini line arrays in polish stainless steel finish for an elegant, yet powerful audio solution for the cabin quarters powered by another Rumble-KU26.
  • Lastly, two Vyper-KV52 flat line arrays were installed on each side of the large LED TV in the living room/lounge to provide the owner with a high-end AV system for entertainment.
  • All rooms were powered by a Kommander-KA24 and a Kommander-KA84 amplifier.

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