K-array, aced AES Brazil 2012



Following K-array’s adventures at the Midi Music Festival in China; the Made in Italy brand hit Brazil, a promising country for its booming and vibrant economy, much like China. The annual AES Brazil, South America’s leading audio and lighting event was held from May 8 – 12 in Sao Paolo. The big players at the event were K-array and Gobos do Brazil, K-array’s Brazilian distributor.




Hitting a new record, the 2012 trade show boasted an exhibition area with a turnout of more than 100 exhibitors from the show -business and broadcasting world, in addition to the educational line-up of conferences, workshops and demos, which took place both indoor and outdoor. K-array was present at the Gobos do Brazil booth, where it held a central role: the new RedLine and Piccolo speaker systems, which were both recently featured in Frankfurt, could be admired and briefly listened to in their compact chassis, alongside the renowned Kobra, Lyzard and Tornado. Naturally, the KH15, KH4 and KO40 subs for large venues were also on show.




Visitors were welcomed at the booth with the usual Italian hospitality; freshly brewed coffee, wine and snacks… all rigorously Italy’s finest. The Italian way made visitors feel at home and created the perfect Made in Italy mood. K-array and Gobos do Brazil played their hands primarily in the outdoor demos: a big area where eight large venue speaker systems were placed side by side and listened to in rotation to highlight their distinctive features and characteristics. The listening sessions lasted 10 minutes for every sound system.



The last hand was played by the AES staff, at the day’s end, when the same music tracks, at the same levels, were simultaneously played on all brands in the expo. For K-array, Gobos do Brasil mounted six KH15 speakers in hanging mode accompanied by two KO70, perfectly adjusted by a parent company partner and expert of the Italian speaker systems, the sound system designer Mario di Cola. A match in which K-array played its best card was the unique quality/size ratio. K-array wowed spectators with its significantly more compact system compared to those that were being tested at the show, as can also be seen from the pictures of the event.


As Esteban Risso of Gobos do Brasil said, once again, for direct listening, K-array proved to be a true ace in the hole: the comments gathered were very positive and the audience was amazed at how such a powerful and high quality speaker system could be so cleverly built and designed in such a small size. K–array gave new emphasis to the small but mighty theory. Esteban commented that it is very different to organise a music tour loading all the equipment into a van rather than a truck. Small but mighty also works to the advantage of logistics and transport cost control.. and the hours of work needed. For K-array and Gobos do Brasil, it’s all in the strategy of the hand they play. Check it out for yourself.