K-array in the Canadian design scene

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"Audio quality is always the first thing I consider, and then aesthetics follow closely behind."

Vaino Gennaro, Business Director - Live Sound Products at Sennheiser Canada


Vaino Gennaro speaks about some of Sennheiser’s and K-array’s interesting projects in the world of design. 


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Visitors to the Interior Design Show (IDS13) in Toronto experienced surprising Canadian design at the MCLV Lounge. The Design Agency reimagined the heritage log cabin and created a multisensory experience for guests to immerse themselves in a fresh perspective on the Canadian identity, while enjoying hand-crafted Molson Canadian beer cocktails at the Brew Masters Tasting Bar and enjoying the entertainment provided by DJ Sandy Duperval, presented by Sennheiser Canada Inc., Sennheiser sponsored the smallest wing of the lounge where it installed K-array’s Piccolo – the palm size system that delivers impressive sound in a miniature footprint. In the other wing, two KTL22C and two KV50 were installed, an additional two KTL22 and two KZ10 were installed in the bar and DJ area. The 20.000 visitors got a well-rounded idea that interior design and audio systems are siblings to fashion.


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Sennheiser has also partnered with Design Exchange (DX), Canada’s only museum dedicated exclusively to various design disciplines, located in downtown Toronto in the historic and original Toronto Stock Exchange building.


In addition to its permanent collection of more than six hundred industrial design objects, the DX also has dedicated theme or artist exhibitions. On June 21, the Christian Louboutin exhibition opened, celebrating Louboutin’s twenty years of design and inspiration, revealing the artistry and theatricality of his show designs. Sennheiser and K-array are amongst the exhibits sponsors, Vaino Gennaro and Cy Campbell, who started and has maintained the relationship between K-array and Design Exchange have promised to tell us about all the upcoming synergies between audio and design.