K-array’s graduation in the land of the rising sun


The city of Hamamatsu, located in the southern part of Japan is famous for Suzuki Motors, music company headquarters and for Hamamatsu College which attracts a large foreign student body who flood the city’s streets to absorb the rich Japanese culture and language. The foreign language program lasts several years giving the students lots of time to share life experiences with Japanese students who are enrolled in Information Technology or Design programs. There is probably no better place to socialize then on graduation day which takes place in the month of March at the end of the academic year. The city’s stadium hosts the ceremony which includes the giving out of diplomas as well as a concert in the graduates honor.

LiveGear, a national rental company which is a strong advocate of K-array systems needed a system that had a wide coverage in addition to being easy to carry and quick to set up..

Bobby Tanadi, LiveGear’s Purchasing Manager, told us that the technical team decided to use 6 KH4 modules, because the system is reputed to be perfect for large and complex venues where sound coverage is important for a wide-span audience. The amazing power contained in such a compact speaker (each module is 16 cm thick and weighs 47Kg) was just what the musicians and the audience required. Livegear was also satisfied: the KH4’s full range preset and powerful DSP was just enough for the job.


phoca thumb l speaker system2


"The speakers got some suspicious looks from people not quite confident that such a sleek system could get the job done but they quickly changed their mind once they heard how small can also be mighty. It’s a real speaker, not a toy...a small effort for such a big job."

Bobby Tanadi, LiveGear’s Purchasing Manager