Die Schlange in Berlin

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Is German for "the snake in Berlin"... don't get scared though, we are not talking about those slithering reptiles that have become popular household pets and which seem to slide up in the most unusual places because their owners didn't know what they were getting themselves into. Unlike these exotic reptiles who would much rather not confront us, the Anakonda Kan200, which was been featured in the most important trade magazines since its launch at ISE last January, is not shy to come out and get some attention. The Anakonda has recently appeared in the television show Satire Gipfel, or rather "the best satire". Hosted by the well-known satirist, Dieter Nuhr, the show has been aired for 4 years on the German television broadcast, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB).


The post-industrial style of the studio: brick walls and steel railings, make it really important that everything is neat and tucked away. The audience cannot be distracted by anything out of place. So you can imagine the impression the Anakonda made when Mr. Jörg Semmler, from the RBB, came across it at PL+S. Semmler met Tom Mikus, Managing Director of Trius, K-array's German distributor, at the K-array stand and spoke to him about Satire Gipfel. Semmler finally found the perfect solution for his problem with the "unseen" front fill speakers.


In a blink of an eye they decided that the Anakonda was the solution to the problem and it made its TV debut May 6. Two white "dressed" Anakonda modules were used, amplified by a KA10. The speakers were mounted at the back of the first 5 lines of seats as an alternative to a traditional stage front fill. This was necessary because the camera team needed ample room to walk around with their Steadycam.


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"Simple and cleverly thought up, a real plug & play installation. Really good sound and quick to break down after the show. The audience had no idea they were speakers, and they took up no room.Everything was perfect for the team and worked very well."

Tom Mikus, Managing Director of Trius


If they do an additional show, they will make the installation a little bit more "stable" from an optical point of view. From the audio side it worked perfectly.


"I would like to thank Semmler and the team at RBB for giving us the chance to enter the TV-Broadcast to help them find a solution for an unusual problem. I think it will linger in people's minds for quite a while".