The ideal city uses K-array

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Dokumentaristen is an acclaimed production of the life and experiences of one man and the evolution of his beloved city seen through his eyes.


This unique theatrical experience is set in Herning Denmark,  the hometown of the theatre company Team Teatret. The scenography of the one man show was artistically built as a cube with exposed scaffolding and built in balconies where the spectators watch the play looking down into the courtyard of a building complex. The cube was built in the pavilion of the Messecenter Herning, the largest exhibition center in Scandinavia.


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The actor Mikael Helmut with his Ipad in hand, tells the story of Herning. Jan Juul Hansen from Mavt, K-array’s distributor in Denmark commented that Ingvar Cronhammar, the theatre company’s sound engineer was looking for a sound system that could do the job well but also be visibly integrated in the set. Having already had experience with K-array’ speakers in other projects, Cronhammar and Hansen evaluated various options before finally choosing the KP52 model: a passive speaker system that is notable for its sound quality-size-power ratio. The speaker needed to pick up the background music and the actor’s voice, thus 12 KP52’s were installed under the building, along with four KMT21, two KMT18 and a KA10 amplifier. Performance and aesthetics were both top priority, in a one-man show it is a must to have the best audio support possible.


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Jan Juul was really impressed with the scenography of Dokumentaristen which ran from May 5-24. Although the show was a huge success, it will not be repeated, whoever who was not able to see it live can appreciate the artistry from the video footage and photos available.


The speakers used in the production of Dokumentaristen will be used again and again as they are now proudly owned by Team Teatret.




Photos by Fiemming Hansen