Fonoon buys first Anakonda in the Middle-East

 3D-Anaconda 2


Abu Dhabi-based rental company Fonoon has purchased the first K-Array Anakonda and Cheesebox systems in the Middle East. The sale was made through local K-Array distributor Sennheiser Middle East. The rental house purchased four of the Anakonda KAN200 with a KA-10 amp as well as four KRM33 Cheesebox speakers. Fonoon is clearly satisfied with its decision to go with the Italian manufacturer, with MD Firas Tayfour describing the company’s products as having...


"...irresistible sound quality and design. Anakonda flexible speakers are the funkiest, yet most versatile, speakers we had ever used."

MD Firas Tayfour


The company has already put its latest purchase to the test.


"We had rigged them and placed them on the floor as VIP centre fills or Lectern and panel discussion monitors. They efficiently proved to be the right solution in the right place."



Fonoon works mainly in the corporate field and the purchase was part of a larger K-Array sale as the rental house looked to add to its inventory. It also purchased two KR400s systems and a KB1, KB1R combination


"The best thing to say is just 'what you see is not what you hear'. K-Array makes extraordinary products. On top of that comes the friendly technology, Wi-Fi control, compact small designs with high output. Karray systems are simply a Ferrari engines in Fiat 500 Body".