Pavarotti exhibition relies on K-array’s Piccolo and Kobra systems

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It’s probably not commonly known that Pavarotti is the second most popular Italian family name after Ferrari. The lyrical festival of Verona was the perfect backdrop for the inauguration of the AMO Pavarotti exhibition dedicated entirely to the tenor’s iconic dimension. Promoted by the Fondazione Arena di Verona and la Fondazione Luciano Pavarotti, the exhibit consists of pictures, videos, recordings, songs and personal relics, including objects the Maestro coveted for superstition.


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The museum comprises eight rooms, all equipped with 3D videos, show reels and recordings of his outstanding voice. The F&G Group took charge of the exhibition set up. Considering the visual and artistic context of the museum, Mario Zappa - project manager and the project team required an aesthetically subtle audio solution that would not divert or otherwise distract attention from the art itself.


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From a technical point of view, the audio system had to deliver high quality audio to accommodate the exhibition’s requirements. K-array was ultimately chosen for its outstanding sound quality and dispersion qualities, in addition to its minimalist, small-footprint design. Francesco Maffei, from K-array, worked closely with the team in planning the installation of the right speaker systems for the museum’s exhibition: the Piccolo from K-array’s home line series, and the Kobra series (KK52, KK102) topped the list. Stylish and modern in design the Piccolo’s snack-size two 3.6-inch mid-high speakers and compact subwoofer practically disappear in any room. Super slim subwoofers and thin loudspeakers are the K-array’s niche and when that need arises, K-array has mastered the unusual.


The exhibition at the Palazzo Forti in Verona, ended on September 16, but they are already talking about bringing the exhibition to other cities of the world ... Will you follow the footsteps of K-array?