K-array stands against Canadian weather

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When we interviewed Vaino Gennaro, Business Director – Live Sound Products of Sennheiser Canada, about the latest K-array installation he quickly told us that in contrast to Europe, Canada has incredible urban growth spurts, hence the continuous need to build, expand and optimize existing services. When it came time to implement new bus lines in Vaughan, of the Great Toronto Area, the IBI Group, an international architecture planning engineering and technology firm wanted to create functional and efficient bus shelters which included installed speaker system for multifunctional use.

Firstly, for announcements, possible delays, waiting times and background music. Second, the speakers needed to stand up to Canadian weather where temperatures can range from -30°C to +30°C. To meet these requirements, Vaino and his colleagues from Sennheiser Canada organized a customized presentation for IBI Group to show a wide range of K-array products that could overcome the challenges of the bus shelter installation: available space in the structure, volume control that could override the continuous traffic noise and that could resist extreme weather conditions with ranging temperatures including high levels of snowfall throughout the winter months.


Based on this criteria, the IBI Group chose a KT20C 2” point source self-powered compact speaker. Truly groundbreaking, the KT20ma can deliver an incredible maximum peak of 107dB from its integrated amplifier and all from a unit that fits in the palm of your hand. The elegant but rugged enclosure is built to aircraft specifications from a single piece of aluminum and measures a mere 6.4cm (diameter) x 9.3cm (deep) and is suitable for outdoor ceiling mounts. The only criteria that really needed to be checked out was the speaker’s resistance to Canadian extreme weather conditions.

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"K-array did an amazing job in reaching the objective of the project."

Vaino Gennaro, Business Director – Live Sound Products di Sennheiser Canada


The speaker’s resistance to outdoor weather conditions have been certified by the CETACE laboratory in partnership with the Telecommunication and Electronics Department of the University of Florence.


With the go-ahead finally approved, ten KT20Cma were installed throughout the bus shelters of the new bus line in Vaughan. The audio system is both aesthetically pleasing as much as it is useful and efficient. The installation was coordinated by Rich Hagan, Sales Representative of Sennheiser and was conducted by CP Stoneman, a Canadian system integrator and installer.


"The project went ahead thanks to Rich. He was the reference person for CP Stoneman and was also involved in various operational issues."



With K-array speakers on the new bus line, perhaps we’ll see more of them as the city expands.