A Christmas tale with K-array

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For the past 22 years the city of Curitiba in Brazil has organized Christmas shows running from November 29th to December 15th, drawing in more than 50,000 people daily. The annual HSBC sponsored event, located in the historic building of the HSBC headquarters in Curitiba, Palacio Avenida, had a choir of 120 children singing, dancing and performing Christmas tales. Each child was paired up and performed in each window of the HSBC Theater. In addition to the children’s live performances, the bank also organized fireworks and special lighting effects for the open air concerts. HSBC organizes these performances to raise awareness regarding school funding for child education. Mauricio "Xuxa", owner of MX Light Sound Designer, a Brazilian rental company, was called in to handle the audio.


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Xuxa is an avid user of K-array and has been a client of Gobos do Brazil for several years. Xuxa chose K-array as soon as Gobos do Brazil started distributing the brand in Brazil. When Esteban started working with K-array, Xuxa acquired one KR402 Redline system. Today he has 4 which he uses as is his main system. "A K-array solution is was what we wanted”  Xuxa commented. For his latest work, Xuxa placed 2 pairs of KP102 as side fills, one pair at each border of the main stage. Each pair was pointed to one street that gave access to the event. Delay towers where used in order to send the sound to the public at the end of the streets. The KP102 pythons have a maximum vertical dispersion pattern which can be switched for wide or narrow coverage. The twelve closely spaced cone drivers provide true line array characteristics - phase coherence, low distortion and focused listening in both the near field, and at a distance from the speaker. We powered the system with KMT21 subs


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The artistic director liked the speakers so much that he didn`t want to hide the KP102s.


"Let the audience see it and guess what it is."

Mauricio “Xuxa”, owner of MX Light Sound Designer