Optimal K-array monitors for the stars of Redbull The3Style



After weeks of contests...Red Bull Thre3Style, the global DJ contest moved to Toronto, Canada, for the final face off. From November 4 to 9, in front of crowds of fans, the finals were held in various places throughout the city. The contenders were required to mix freestyle for 15 minutes with no restraint on style and genre. Shintaro Dj, from Japan, brought home the victory and his fans who were not in Toronto to hear him spin live celebrated and listened to his performance following the link:



Cy Campbell, from Nimble Audio Group was retained for the technical support of these talented freestyle mixers. In particular, the team organized the audio support systems on stage for the DJs - an essential component for their performance almost as important as their natural talent. The contest travelled between different locations, so having to move from one room to another, Cy wanted to choose equipment that was versatile, easily transportable, could be connected with a simple plug and play, as well as powerful and qualitative diffusion, not only for the fans, but also for the DJs’ performance.


k array redbull toronto subway

Based on this criteria, Cy chose a KR402 system to use as a side fill (which is what audiences usually hear with the PA system) and two KF12 coaxial speakers used as monitors which the DJs managed themselves easily and seamlessly. The system setup needed to achieve maximum throw coverage for these large scale concerts with absolutely minimum hassle. Vaino Gennaro, Business director of Sennheiser Live Sound Product, explained how they dealt with the stage monitoring for the elite of international DJs: in fact he was Cy’s contact person at Sennheiser Canada. The side fill had to be managed as a wash, or a spread on the stage for the duration of the whole mix, which is why the KR402 was perfect because it gives a qualitative and powerful full throw coverage. The monitoring was more challenging: from the nearest speaker, the musician (in this case the DJ) had to listen to a greater or lesser preponderance in the mix to calibrate his performance, and here the KF12 did its part remarkably well thanks to its considerable power, large front cover (70 ° x 70 °) and constant frequency response.


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