Beijing celebrates with K-array

 beijing celebrates


Sennheiser China has supplied a K-array audio system for the opening ceremony of Beijing’s 2014 International Akhal-Teke Horse Association Special Conference. The project was competed under strict time constraints, with the open nature of the arena making unobtrusively positioning the speakers a difficult task. The ceremony took place at The Imperial Ancestral Temple in Beijing’s Working People’s Cultural Palace.


For the landmark occasion, an audience of 10,000 people witnessed Turkmenistan’s President Gurbanguly Berdimuhavedov present a Ferghana Horse to China’s Xi Jinping as a gesture of their strong relationship. The presentation was followed by a colourful performance, with sound reinforcement provided by K-array KR402 and KR202 column line-array speakers, and KK52 hormonal line-array elements positioned at either end of the arena.


 beijing celebrates2


One of the key requirements for the event was that the system remained largely out of sight, and did not detract from the performance. Although already sleek in profile, the speakers were disguised as spectators and as a result ‘almost blended into the scenery’. The KK52s were used as monitors and positioned at the foot of the spectator area pointing towards the performers and key speakers. The KR402s and KR202s pointed in the other direction, providing focused coverage for the audience.


"The beauty of the KR402 and KR202 systems is that we can deliver an organic sound, precise and impressive that can all be achieved efficiently without any extra costs. When we are given challenging briefs like this, with added pressure, at first we always consider K-array speakers and they deliver every time."

Fred Hu, Sennheiser China