Innovative Audio Solution for the Biggest House of Worship in Brazil

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Considered the largest religious building in Brazil, The Solomon Temple was officially inaugurated on July 31 2014, with an attendance of authorities, business people and religious leaders from around the world.


This spectacular new landmark in the city of São Paulo was built in the historic neighbourhood of Brás. It is the most ambitious house of worship build which uses state-of-the-art technology.


"Universal brought us a big challenge: to install a sound system in this huge area, using invisible, light and ecologically correct sound equipment. Large indoor places require a lot of caution and study, because they usually have big reverberation and acoustic reflections, making it difficult to understand the voice."

Esteban Risso, Gobos do Brasil



One of the biggest installations in Brasil in 2014


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The intention is that guests visiting this highly topical build, travel through time and feel as if they were in the original Temple built by Solomon based in Jerusalem. Starting with the facade, passing through the atrium and internally reaching the grand room – the Holy Place –, as well as the Altar – the Holy of Holies everything has been revised to fit into the 21st Century.


Established in an area of approximately 35 thousand m², the complex, which has almost 100 thousand m² of built area, is divided into two large blocks, interconnected by the Sanctuary, which comfortably holds 10,000 seated people. It is 126 meters long, 104 meters wide and 55 meters high.


"We presented the architect and directors of the build a detailed study where our solution showed a high level of intelligibility and clarity, besides counting on a great SPL left."



The Temple is impressive because of its grandiosity, richness of detail and use of very high technology means of communication, some of them are intended to be hidden from visitors’ eyes. The main materials internally used are stones, golden materials and wood. The whole floor as well as the walls has been coated with stones brought from Israel.


K-array speaker solutions are installed almost every facility of the building


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In order to reproduce the Word with faithfulness, clarity and intelligibility, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God’s choice of the engineering team was unanimous: K-array. The systems of the Italian company, represented in the country by Gobos do Brasil, are installed in almost all the facilities of this monumental work.


Just like the original Temple in Jerusalem, there was no sound equipment so the task was to create an audio system where the speakers could not be seen but they had to be heard. Placed in acoustic niches above the ceiling of the large hall 42 x KH4 and 6 KO70 were installed 18 meters high and hidden by perforated plates specially designed in order not to interfere with sound propagation. 20 K-array KP102, Python speakers have been used as monitors at the sides of the Altar and 4 KMT18 were installed for the subs; both solutions are also invisible to the eyes, but provide a remarkable sound and coverage. The pulpit has also received an innovative solution, increasing the hearing comfort of the celebrant Bishops and Pastors with a KV50.


The Esplanade, an external area which gives access to the Sanctuary, has received a sound system with in-wall speakers KP102s, personalised in the same colour of the stones from Israel. In the conference rooms custom painted KRM33P (Cheesebox) speakers have been positioned on the ceiling providing controlled horizontal dispersion and extended frequency response broadcasts the sermons around the building. For Front of House Monitoring, inside the control room 2 x KK52, 2 x KU36 all powered by 12 x KA40. Solomon´s Temple is the first Temple in Brazil to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification, an acknowledgement of the “green seal” enterprise. K-array’s compact and lightweight speakers have contributed greatly to the energy efficient features.


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