Four Elegant Restaurant Audio Solutions in Shanghai



In the Autumn of 2014 Sennheiser China installed a variety of K-array speaker systems in some of Shanghai's most glamorous and exclusive clubs and restaurants, many of which have inspired further opportunities within ground breaking architectural designs especially in the most ambitious and demanding environments for pro audio, K-array has been a preferred choice for many restaurants and it is a great testament to the speakers compatibility in such a variety of ways.


The team from Sennheiser China has been particularly impressed with the speed of which they can move from project to project with quick installations creating more time for further work especially in China where the market is faster than ever before.


"Our services are retained because we have built a solid reputation for our capability to deliver a creative system design, with fast installation and reliable after sales support…so it’s not uncommon to come across K-array’s systems in some of China's most reputable venues."

Fred Hu, Sennheiser China


Among many new restaurants, bars and clubs opened this year in Shanghai, Sennheiser China have worked with a number of new spaces including the Black Pepper, El Ocho BarFood Block and El Tomatito which have all brought a European influence in a modern setting to Shanghai.


K-array is frequently installed in environments such as restaurants and retail stores due to the nature of their compact and slim designs. They can hide into the architecture of a room whether it is old or new and provide a fine balance of audio for background and direct sound. Another great feature is the speakers flexibility for any application, event or effects ready for whatever the venue requires it for.



black pepper6


Opened in August 2014, the Black Pepper restaurant is a Turkish style restaurant which needed a sound system that could be elegantly integrated into its architectural design and give maximum directivity for high quality sound within the bar area while respecting China's maximum noise emission level.


black pepper1


black pepper4



The system solution consists of 6 x KK50vb (Ninja) used as the restaurant speakers which blend into the walls of the restaurant so elegantly. Supporting the Ninjas are 2 x KMT18P Subs and a KA10-10 amplifier. The venue owners stated their appreciation and satisfaction, noting the crystal clear audio quality and absence of sound pollution.


The restaurant is capable of providing low-key background music during the day while all the same being ready to turn around live performances in the evening.


black pepper3
black pepper7



Calypso is one the latest buildings built by the Shangri La group who have recently launched a 5 star hotel in the Shard in London. The restaurant extension “Food Block” offers a variety of Mediterranean dishes in an open space and large windows made to give an organic look and feel. However, the aesthetic look is trouble for audio and creates more demand for sound to reach every space. The team required a system that could be installed to provide absolute flexibility for sound, reflections and spatial reach.


The Food Block was installed with a combination of 37 x KT22 (Tornado), 12 x KK52 (Kobra). 8 x Piccolo systems were hidden in the corners with 2 x KU36 and 5 x KMT18P Subwoofers. 3 x KA10-10 Amplifiers provided the support. The speakers compact designs yet again proved to be effective space savers and provide exceptional sound quality throughout this open space building avoiding reflection with clear directivity.





4 x Piccolo Systems with KA10-10



Spanish bar el Ocho is a modern bar with a cozy atmosphere simultaneously, a place where you can enjoy intimate conversations in its comfortable couch, listen to classic hit singles and experience new flavours of cocktails tasted nowhere else in Shanghai. It is also a venue for small scale live music.


Due to the nature of the dark and intimate space, the owners required discreet speakers but a fine quality of sound for their esteemed clients, without any hesitation K-array speakers were requested to provide background music and stage monitors for the acts and with easy installation the owners could enjoy their new system straight away.




The system was completed with 8 x KP52 (Pythons), 6 x KT22 (Tornados), 1 x Piccolo and 2 x KRM33 (Cheeseboxes) supported by 4 x KMT18P and a KA10-10 again for the amplifier.




Lastly Restaurant/Lounge El Tomatito another venue part of the Elwilly group in Shanghai is a sexy tapas bar inspired from traditional Spanish bars found in the 80s yet beautifully blends contemporary in its food as well as its design. The atmosphere is relaxing, funky and a perfect place for younger crowds to grab a bite or even have a couple drinks. The venue required HD quality and uniform sound in this multi-purpose space which is where the KT22 (Tornados) were the perfect solution to compromise on positioning and subtlety. 18 x KT22’s were installed along with 4 x KMT12P and 2 x KA7-7 installed to support.