K-Array unleashes its power at the Osheaga Festival in Montreal



K-array, in partnership with Sennheiser Canada president Mr. Jean Langlais, developed the concept of the Osheaga Festival Green Stage PA system for the last four years. In the 2014 edition of the festival, Sennheiser Canada in collaboration with Sonorisation Ranger supplied the PA systems for the Green stage and the Sennheiser VIP area. These two different, yet high demanding set ups, were exceptionally managed with the use of the K-Array Concert Series (main stage) and K-Array Portable series (VIP area).


"It’s always exciting when an artist can surprise and entertain the audience but it’s a big challenge for sound engineers and event organisers. Thankfully we had the K-Array KR202 on hand and everyone was delighted with the results."

Vaino Gennaro, President Sennheiser Canada


"The Green Stage concept has an environmental spin to it. High SPL PA systems have to conform to low emission, more sustainable power sources. More so, festivals all around the world are becoming the new trend in Live Entertainment Industry where established artists share the stage with upcoming and local artist, raising the bar for a high-quality reproduction of the live performance."

Marcel Savard, production manager for Sennheiseer Canada


This was the perfect scenario for the flexibility, high SPL, low power consumption and high-fidelity of the K-Array systems.




The K-Array Concert Series was the PA of choice for the Green Stage. The MAIN L+R systems comprised one cluster of 5 x KH4, mid/high speakers, side-by-side to one cluster of 5 x KS4, low-end speaker units, flown on either side of the stage. Twin stack of 6 x KS4 units were positioned on the ground level underneath the MAIN clusters. The subwoofers system of 8 x KO70 (2 x 21” self-powered) was installed on the ground in front of the stage. For front fills application 4 x KH15, mid/high speakers were placed on top of the subwoofers.


The K-array PA system was designed by Vaino Gennaro, Business Director for Sennheiser Canada. The KH4/KS4 clusters in combination with the subwoofers KO70 and KH15 yielded exceptional results with SPL to spare and perfect coverage.


"The setup of the complete system was incredibly fast. The precise tuning and time alignment of the system gave us the opportunity to perfectly match the PA system with the needs of the entire venue. Amazing results for an amazing sound experience."

Vaino Gennaro, Business Director for Sennheiser Canada


Singer Travis Scott who had missed his live performance on the Main stage due to travel mishaps decided to surprise the VIP area and the crowd with an improvised mini live gig. The K-Array KR202 system, installed in the VIP, was called into immediate action. The amazing results left everybody in awe, including Travis Scott and his FOH engineer. With no time to tune or to prepare for the performance, the KR202 delivered a powerful and precise reproduction of the performance.