K-array is the designers choice at CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel in Istanbul



When The Park Bosphorus Hotel in Istanbul decided to update their sound system along with a renovation of one of Turkeys most luxurious buildings, formerly served as the Foreign Affairs Palace 120 years ago they wanted the very best audio system to be installed. This is a hotel where guests are welcomed to the Taksim Gümü Şsuyu district, deep in the heart of Istanbul. The luxury Hotel has been opened by the CVK Group, one of Turkey's long established investors, and brings to life the glories of luxury and pleasures from the ancient Ottoman Empire.




The Park Bosphorus Hotel Istanbul boasts Turkey’s largest presidential suite and shines brightly as a Deluxe Hotel. Among it's many well-appointed features are delightful food outlets, meeting rooms and event areas with creative concepts and, overlooking the Bosphorus, a 4,500 m² terrace, the largest of its kind in Istanbul. In addition, the Hotel prides itself in its extravagantly designed food and beverage facilities and its 8,500 m² state-of-the-art CVK Safira Spa & Fitness & Wellness Center.


"The reason why K-array has been installed so often in Istanbul is the clear quality of sound in a compact size, it’s simple yet powerful."

Oktay Karaşoğlu, Lotus Teknoloji


The brief for Lotus Teknoloji was to design the entire audio system for one of the largest hotels in Istanbul, including all the rooms, conference facilities, restaurants and outside terraces. The challenge for Lotus was working alongside the owners trusted interior designer who had dismissed a number of audio products before meeting Oktay Karaşoğlu (President of Lotus).


"The designer was exceptionally keen to find a speaker that would not obtrude the marvellous architecture of the building and new features but hard to please."





Oktay Karaşoğlu has been a K-array distributor for over 3 years, he introduced the owners and designer to K-array. They were immediately drawn to the compact design but equally the quality of the sound took them by surprise. The ambitious audio design project required the K-array installation series and after carefully considering the speakers that would best suit the hotel Lotus set to work. The first stage of the re-design was the Roof and Restaurant which consisted of three areas: The Banquet Room, Main Restaurant and Cafe Roof, here is where we will go into details about the setup.


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In the Banquet Room, 16 x KP102 and 36 x KK52 were installed around the edges of the interiors where the shape of the room itself was filled with pillars and sound reverberation. These speakers were supported by 8 x KMT21, 12 x KF12MT and 8 x KMT12 as the subwoofers. The team also installed 40 x KAN200 (Anakonda) speakers to fill around the pillars and curves of the room along with a complete 3 x KR202 systems for DJ set up, optional speech and conference facilities. The whole room was powered by 4 x KA84 Class D amplifiers. For the Main restaurant Lotus Teknoloji installed 64 x KK50W, these are line array element, variable beam speakers that have been a popular speaker choice for restaurant installations around the world such as these. They were accompanied by 8 x KMT12 subwoofers and powered by 3 x KA84. Finally for the Roof Cafe 50 x KAN200 were installed to hide around the top edges of the open window walls, this space required speakers that would not obtrude the views of the city and the KAN200s blended in, invisible to the eye. The system here was supported by 6 x KMT12 and 2 x KA84 amplifiers.