Volkstheater receives the art of innovation by K-array

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It has been 125 years of the Volkstheater in Vienna; a beautiful historic theater built in 1889 by the request of the citizens, as a popular counterpart to the Burgtheater, that was held by the aristocrats of the time. With an auditorium which was once the largest in the German speaking countries. The founders of this stage had a theatrical stage in mind, in order to expose wider circles of the population of Vienna to classical and modern literature whilst staging these next to more traditional plays. The theatre follows this tradition even today. New productions of the classics are always in the pipeline along with regular reinterpretations of works by Ferdinand Raimund and Johann Nestroy and many new plays and reruns. Special attention is given to Austrian playwrights of old and new.


When Musik Lenz was granted the opportunity to deliver the sound system at this historic theatre Karl Wienand (Product Specialist) and Doris Jaindl (Head of Sound Department) had only one choice of speaker in mind for this particular application.


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"The theatre is elegantly designed with long curves and detailed architecture, our first aim was to create a high quality sound and with K-array we could deliver a system that was almost invisible to the eyes of the audience."

Michael Mayerhofer, Technical Manager of the Volkstheater


"We really appreciate our great sound system. It is important to us because there is no doubt that good sound is a fundamental requirement in order to make an evening at the theatre perfect for our audience."



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Many audiences around the world still expect to see big box speakers installed at the side of the stage but over the last 10 years, K-array have changed the view for audiences in some of the most historic theatres. The balance between audio quality and near invisibility allows the audience to enjoy the performances without distractions and enjoy the aesthetics of these beautiful buildings.


For this particular application, Musik Lenz provided 6 KAN200+ (Anakonda) for front fill on the curved stage accompanied by 2 KMT12P providing a powerful, rich and full audio experience for the audience. The whole system is powered by only one KA24, 4-channel digital amp with DSP.