Young Asian Entrepreneurs Get Inspired with K-array Sound



In an effort to spark entrepreneurship within the Asian youth, Slush ASIA hosted a panel of accomplished entrepreneurs to explain how they achieved startup success on April 24, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan using K-array systems.


Originally founded in 2008 in Finland, Slush is one of the largest startup events designed to inspire young people to exercise entrepreneurism and is an opportunity for attendees to meet with top-tier international venture capitalists, executives and media. The non-profit event, organized by a community of investors, students and music festival organizers, also features a pitching competition with a cash prize. For its first edition in Asia, Prism Co, LTD. was tasked to provide the audio and visual at the multi-stage venue set up in the Odaiba area of the capital city.

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In the immediate 60ft-domed tent, eight KAN200+ were installed along the truss and four KMT18 were placed on the ground giving a full range of live sound to the audience. Meanwhile at the next tent over, a KR402 column system with one KMT18 subwoofer was set up on one side of the stage with 2 KP102 as the main speakers. Designed with a high range joint flexibility, the KP102s were installed at a 4° angle to eliminate reflection from the facing wall in the 44ft tent.


In the larger 70ft tent, another KR402 system was used as the main acoustics with two high-box KP102s combined with a KMT21 subwoofer. Unlike the other setup, the KP102s were flown as a line array from scaffolding, a unique characteristic which distinguishes it from other column systems.


"Installing the high-boxes takes few minutes for each side of the stage. Using the two KP102s, you can create 2-meter long line array that projects the presenter’s voice throughout the coverage area."

Yasushi Matsuura, Prism’s sound director for the event

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For the infill, a set of KP52, which are half the size of KP102s, were attached to the scaffolding. The system was driven by a KA24 amp.


"Even with its small size, the loudspeakers are enough to get a perfect sound. K-array’s speakers are amazing!"



The systems were Event organisers recorded 3,000 attendees in its first year, which is expected to be surpassed in 2016.