K-array Fits in With the Cool Kids in Geneva

 Zoe Live Bar


Geneva, Switzerland is known for its sleek, cosmopolitan flair and international business core, but if you walk along the Rhône's industrial shores you’ll find local neighborhood bars with attitude. The popular music bar, Zoé, where bankers to tattooists alike frequent, is one of those locales.


From lounge to full blown parties, Zoé boasts live shows such as concerts, DJs and stage shows in addition to a singing competition for amateurs accompanied by a live band. The bar’s ambience changes along with the music program, which varies daily, and local musicians are carefully selected by the management and planning committee.

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"Zoé is going even further to provide a springboard for the Geneva music scene which is bursting with established and emerging talent."

Luigi Guarnaccia, Zoè Cafè owner


Which is why selecting the audio system was taken very seriously.


Guarnaccia relied on the expertise of Architect and Sound Design Supervisor, Carlo Carbone to soundproof the space and design an acoustic system of high quality and flexibility. After creating acoustic treatments that resulted in T60 and EDT values between 0.9s and 1.1s and an STI of 0.85, the space was primed for the speaker system.


Zoe Live Bar


Carbone selected four K-array KP102 line array speakers for their good response and coherence in the mid-high frequency coupled with two 21” KMT21 subwoofers for their low response in bass. The K-array sound performance was enhanced even further given the room’s acoustic conditions.


"I have to thank Luigi for giving me maximum freedom on the project and trusting my expertise. The K-array system really transforms the bar into a music club and I am very satisfied with the end result."

Carlo Carbone, Architect and Sound Design Supervisor