International Celebration in Brazil Choses K-array

 Brazil 1


The Creators Project is a global celebration of creativity, arts and technology. Launched in 2009 with Intel as a founding partner, the platform features the works of visionary artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology to push the boundaries of creative expression.


In previous editions, AVI served as the audio supplier of The Creators Project in São Paulo, Brazil, using a different brand, but for this particular year they wanted to bring the latest in sound in keeping with the concept of the event and its international standards. AVI knew they had to provide a crystal clear sound system for the international artists and the Brazilian fans, yet dynamic enough to perform a range of genres including the deep bass of dubstep and hip hop, among other types of music. AVI decided on the revolutionary sound of K-array.


Brazil 2


The main coverage area, holding up to 2,000 people in front of a stage [14m long by 8m deep by 1m tall] with a ceiling height of 7m, was provided for by two KH4 line arrays paired with two KO70 subwoofers managed by K-Manager, K-array software for speaker networks. Two KR400 portable systems were included for side fill to round out the event system.


The KH4 and KO70 were a logical choice for Project Manager Josemir Nascimento because of their extremely high quality, yet low profile to not detract from the aesthetics. And given the wide coverage area, the angle of the KH4 line arrays were crucial for proper coverage of the entire area. The KR400 systems also proved to be a great choice for side fills. During installation, the event organizers began to doubt the AVI’s selection once they saw the small stature of the K-array products, assuming that the compact line arrays wouldn’t be enough to meet the sound requirements for the event.


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"As soon as we brought Dubstep artist AraabMuzik for the sound check, they were all astonished by what they were hearing. They couldn’t stop saying AWESOME!"

Josemir Nascimento, Project Manager


And during the event, a phonometer proved them right to be amazed as it registered 132db at the front of house 25 meters from the stage. For AVI, the Creators Project was the first time they used the KH4 and KO70, and has since become one of their best acquisitions in company history, using repeatedly.


Photo credit: Nando Martins